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Relevance of disciplinary policies in education;

Discipline policies in education have become a complex topic.  What follows is an examination of the major reasons for disciplinary problems as well as solutions.

Disciplinary policies are written instructions that administrators at schools need to follow in order to maintain order.These policies differ from school to school, particularly from private to public schools.

Disciplinary policies are the methods that school officials will use in order to punish their students. These policies will be used for offences that include drug and alcohol use, weapons on campus, sexual harassment and other types of misbehaviour.


Schools have written policies on how they will handle these types of situations and what disciplinary measures they will take. They also have a set of rules that students must follow while attending school. Anytime a student breaks one of these rules, they can be subject to disciplinary action. This can range from having to sit out of a game to more serious consequences like suspension or expulsion.

Here are some of the relevance of disciplinary policies in education;

1. It improves productivity:

Disciplinary policies makes it easier for teachers to get students to always be on the right track.

students gets their work done in time to avoid facing any disciplinary measures. This inadvertently improve their efficiency and productivity in school.

2. It prevents absenteeism:

Students won’t show up in school if they get the chance.

However disciplinary measures keep students on their toes and makes them responsible.

3. it aids checks and balances:

The disciplinary policies works for both the students and the teachers. Although the students are more likely to face it, it also extends to check the teachers as well.
Such that the teacher or student will not be able to per take in any gross misconduct. The policies will keep the teachers and students in check at all times.

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