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The negative effects of poverty on education;

Poverty is a condition in which a person lacks the financial resources for a standard of living.

A person who is poor doesn’t have a house, clean water, and healthy food.

A poor person is anyone who lacks wealth or income. such person do not have the means to acquire the basic things of life.
It is a poor person that has to struggle to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

Being poor is both a personal  as well as a social problem. It is when you are not able to make ends meet which can lead to a range of physical and mental issues.

  1. Atsome level, high poverty rates can affect economic growth because it is associated with different problems.

Governments often create social welfare programs to help lift families out of poverty. Some Developed countries have stronger welfare states (social safety nets) than others.

Have you ever wondered what effect poverty has on education?

If Yes,

Let’s have a look at some of the negative effects of poverty on education;

1. It increases the rate at which students drop out:In most cases, A student that attends public school might not focus on learning .

However majority of the students end up doing road side jobs to make ends meet.

Feeding and survival is more important than schooling which makes students dropout of school.
2. It affects school performance: A student who lives in a local environment will obviously get distracted.
That student can end up not having  time to focus on studying.
This often affects certain aspects of academic performance in school.                                         3. It 
affects their vocabulary:Generally,Poverty prevents students from learning proper vocabulary and communication skills.

Most students from poor homes cannot learn the proper use of words.

students can be ready to learn. But many of them do not have educated parents to help them.

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