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Benefits of assignment management system; Giving out assignments to students regularly to track their progress in a course or subject is one of the most important aspects of learning. Technology has even made it easier. With the use of the assignment management system software teachers can give out assignments and also set a submission date, track the students progress and give reviews on it which makes their workload less hectic and more convenient.

An assignment management system is a software that helps the teachers to schedule tasks and assign them to the respective students. Additionally, deadlines are provided to the students, and after the submission, they are evaluated by the teachers.

All the assignments, as well as the projects, come up with start and end dates. It facilitates the teachers to view the status of the assigned task and generate reports accordingly.

Benefits of Assignment Management System;

1. It creates an Avenue for positive feedback and corrections:
One of the major benefits of using an assignment management system is for the teachers to be able to review the students performance in a less stressful way and be able to give positive feedback and corrections when needed. The strengths and weaknesses of each students would be understood by the teachers such that they can monitor the gradual improvements of the students and their work can be reviewed each time an assignment is done. This gives room for the teachers to analyze the students mistakes and give honest and positive feedback to aid the better performance of the students.

2. It is flexible:
The ability of both the students and teachers to use the assignment management system anytime from anywhere in the world makes it very flexible and easier for students to get their work done.
The Assignment Management System is very stress free since there’s no manual effort required which makes it more relevant to the digital world.

3. It saves time and energy:
One of the most common benefits of any technology related system is that it saves time, effort and energy. The conventional or traditional method of giving and submitting assignments is usually very tasking and time consuming but with the aid of the assignment management system teachers can quickly assign a task to students and even fix a time of submission for them without being physically present in the school.

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