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Relevance of self actuated learning in education; Self actuated is derived from the word “self actualization” which according to Oxford dictionary “it is the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.”

{Self-actualization, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, is the highest level of psychological development, where personal potential is fully realized after basic bodily and ego needs have been fulfilled.

Self-actualization was coined by the organismic theorist Kurt Goldstein for the motive to realize one’s full potential: “the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive … the drive of self-actualization.”Carl Rogers similarly wrote of “the curative force in psychotherapy – man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities … to express and activate all the capacities of the organism.}


Here are some of the relevance of self actuated learning in education;

1. It improves independent learning:
Self actuated learning gives every learner the freedom to decide what, where and how they want to learn, this allows them to be able to learn on their own pace and become independent enough to be completely invested in their pursuit of knowledge.

2. It enhances the students ability to learn:
A student that is in charge of his/her own acquisition of knowledge is more motivated to learn since there will be no rules to it and it will be more rewarding for them. They will also be able to measure/track their own progress and understand where they need to put more efforts in their quest for learning

3. It makes learning more meaningful:
With self actuated learning, the learner has no restrictions as to how much knowledge or how much time they can spend on their learning pursuits, since they are able to make decisions and choices that will make their learning experience more meaningful to them.

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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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