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Benefits of Using a School Timetable

Benefits of Using a School Timetable: A school work time table helps the parents, students , teachers and other stakeholders to keep track of time and it also allows them to have a good sense of how and when everything is done in the school.

A schedule of events that organizes school activities throughout the day, week, term or year. For each activity, a timetable generally specifies a starting and an ending time. Typically the shortest duration on the timetable is called a period. The length of a period varies from country to country and it may vary for different levels of education and types of schools, ranging between 30 and 60 minutes. Time as a resource must be adequately and equitably distributed, depending on the recommended number of periods and the subjects in the curriculum. Some factors that influence timetabling include: the length of the school day, week and year; the number of required contact hours or recommended periods; the number of subjects in the curriculum; the number of teachers; and the availability of facilities.

Here are some of the benefits of using a school time table; Benefits of Using a School Timetable

1. It saves time:

Allocating a fixed time for each class, events or activities gives the students and even the teachers a sense of direction and routine that allows them to work in a well tailored or specific manner which will also allow them to get their priorities right and alsosave time.

2. It keeps the school work organized:

With the use of a school time table every school work is well planned and documented which gives room for accountability and diligence and also keeps the over all school work organized.

3. It promotes discipline in the school:

Having a time table reduces students time for superfluous or frivolous activities. Since they follow a time table that allows them to do what is right at the appropriate time which makes not only the students but also the teachers to become more responsible and disciplined.

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