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Everything you need to know about Schooltry eClassroom

Everything you need to know about Schooltry eClassroom.

The need for class convergence majorly aids smooth and apt learning. But the effect of the recent global shit makes physical convergence for students more tight than ever and we can all tell the tales about the rigors of face mask, social distancing, face shield and hand sanitizers.

Taking the level of diversification into perspective where any student can attend classes at the comfort of his or her house without any form of physical contact, wearing of face masks or face shield and also maintaining a relatively safe distance since everyone is attending classes from the comfort of their houses or anywhere around the world.

This is a combination of reasons that brings the unmatched feature of virtual classroom for all Schooltry users and you are probably wondering when it all happened?  Keep reading and you’ll find out.

What is virtual classroom ? According to it is simply seen as;

virtual classroom is a digital learning environment that allows teachers and students to connect online in real time. Virtual classrooms utilize video conferencing, online whiteboards and screen sharing to allow educators to hold live lectures, virtual office hours, and discussions with students in an interactive setting. Virtual classrooms are meant to replicate the experience of physical classrooms, with the added benefits of file sharing, instant feedback and interaction and are ideal in distance learning situations.

virtual classroom refers to an online system that allow students and teachers to communicate and collaborate. Virtual classrooms are typically cloud-based learning solutions that are part of larger learning management systems (LMS). They are highly customizable and are accessible to users on a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Everything you need to know about Schooltry eClassroom

So, after we have fully explained to you what a virtual classroom is?

Let’s talk about why schooltry’s virtual classroom is what your school needs.

  1. Unlimited seat availability: Do you have a class of students ranging from 1- 3million or even above? Don’t worry, every student has a platinum seat made just for them.
  2. Less data consumption: Data usage across the world is a rising factor and schooltry is able to run against this tide by providing a virtual classroom where data usage whilest in class is highly efficient.
  3. Runs on 2G; The schooltry virtual classroom has been tested at the most low network provided areas in Africa and the virtual classroom has so far shown an undoubtedly huge quality retainment. 2G, 3G, 4G networks are all welcome to surf our virtual classroom.
  4. Availability on cross platforms: iphone, android and web users are very much welcome and are going to have a beautiful time on the schooltry virtual classroom.
  5. Customizable layout: Aboard the schooltry virtual classroom; everyone has a taste and the tastes are highly welcome as the schooltry virtual classroom gives you a range of already made customizable classroom feature where you can change your alias, view, camera preference and lots more.

have you signed up on schooltry yet? hurry!! Just for you you can enjoy these features and lots more for a whole term at no cost. visit to signup and let’s take you on a cruise you will never want to return.


Are you already on SchoolTry? Awesome! Visit your app store either on iOS or Android to download the new update of the SchoolTry App and of course; for free.

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