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Grading and Assessment Is Much Easier With School ERP

The role of technology in the world today has become indispensable. Especially EdTech. School ERP software in particular. Let’s find out how this smart innovation helps teachers streamline grading and assessments.

Simplifying Grading and Assessment With School ERP

As the title suggests, today, we explore some ways school ERPs make grading and assessments easier, so teachers can have more free time for themselves (or focus on other pressing matters). 

Like helping students who might be needing a little bit more assistance to understand a subject, and excel. Essentially, school ERPs streamline the way teachers handle various tasks, including:

  • Grading assignments
  • Conducting assessments
  • Offering valuable feedback to students
  • And so much more.

We’ve seen from my previous posts some benefits both parents and teachers enjoy from school ERP software. And I suppose you are already aware of the unmatched benefits these systems offer school administrators.

Today I want us to explore some of the ways in which student information software empowers teachers and enhances the overall learning experience.

How School ERP Simplifies Grading and Assessment

School ERPs have truly streamlined grading and assessment processes in schools. I’m able to tell from not only my experience and thorough understanding of the SchoolTry SIS but also from the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from satisfied users.

Listen to what Dr Yakeen Habeeb, a satisfied user, had to say about the SchoolTry learning management solution in this video:

As seen on YouTube: Dr Yakeen Habeeb’s testimonial on the SchoolTry SIS

The following are some ways school ERPs make grading and assessment easier.

01. Effortless grading and assignment management

With student information systems (or school ERP), teachers have a seamless grading process at their fingertips. What does that mean?

It means that these smart tools allow teachers to quickly input grades, automatically calculate scores, and generate detailed grade reports, to say the least. The intuitive interface of SchoolTry, for example, makes it a lot easier to navigate through assignments.

The system ensures that teachers are able to allocate more time to analyzing student performance (and offering assistance where needed) rather than worrying about other administrative tasks.

02. Assessment made simple with school ERP

We know that conducting assessments is a critical aspect of gauging the students’ understanding of the assignment.

Some school management systems I’ve tested simplify this process by providing customizable assessment tools to help schools manage student evaluations efficiently. These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): Integration with LMS platforms allows for seamless sharing of assessment data between ERP and LMS systems.
  • Rubric-based assessment: Customizable rubrics help teachers assess student performance based on specific criteria. Schools can define the criteria and assign weighted values to each criterion.
  • Computer-based tests and quizzes: Teachers can create and customize online assessments, including multiple-choice, true/false, and essay questions. Customization may involve setting time limits, randomizing questions, and specifying scoring methods.
  • Customized notifications: Schools can set up automated notifications to inform parents and students about assessment results, upcoming exams, or low grades.
  • Student portfolios: Some ERP systems offer options to create and customize digital portfolios showcasing students’ work and achievements.
  • Attendance tracking: While not a traditional assessment, ERP software often allows customization of attendance tracking, helping teachers track student attendance and analyze attendance data.

As you can see, teachers can create various types of assessments, such as quizzes and computer-based tests. And they can tailor them to suit specific learning objectives. 

School ETPs also streamlines the evaluation process automatically by grading multiple-choice questions and providing instant results. This not only saves you time but also enables you to promptly identify areas where your students might (or could) still be struggling.

03. Constructive feedback in real time

Timely feedback is essential for student growth and improvement. 

The SchoolTry SIS, for instance, facilitates this by enabling teachers to provide feedback in real time. Whether that is comments on assignments or individual assessments. 

With SchoolTry, teachers can offer personalized guidance to students directly through the app. This immediate feedback loop encourages active learning and helps students make necessary adjustments to their approaches.

I’m happy to schedule a 30-minute free demo to show you how teachers can provide real-time feedback on tests and assignments within the SchoolTry SIS system. If that sounds like something you’d want, you can reach SchoolTry easily on this page, where there’s a customer support team on standby to assist you.

You may as well send me an email at if you’d rather have me take care of your needs (or requests). I’m happy (and ready) to assist you however I can. Get in touch!

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Final thoughts

The integration of school ERP software into the education system in Africa has truly shaped the way our educators approach grading and assessments, among other things.

With a user-friendly interface and a handful of efficient features, teachers can dedicate more time to engaging with learners and refining their teaching strategies. 

As technology continues to evolve, embracing the technology that enhances the educational experience becomes not just a choice but a necessity in the modern world.

As a school owner or principal, you too can incorporate SchoolTry into your institution’s workflow to empower your teachers in addition to streamlining administrative tasks and ultimately contributing to a more effective and dynamic learning environment. 

Register here to unlock the full potential of the modern education system. Or you can request a free demo first to understand how SchoolTry can transform your education institution (or system) and solve your problems.