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What is a School Management System?

Whether you are new to EdTech or you are just looking for more info about a smart school management system, this article is the best place to start! Scroll on!

The integrated school management system for K-12 schools

What to Know About School Management Systems

Education has improved so much that what we could once record easily on paper has become a mission. Technology has compelled us to seek paperless and other ways to complete tasks easily, even at school.

Our schools today are facing various challenges to keep up with daily operations. The things we are used to doing manually at school, which often require a great deal of time and energy, are now easier to do with a cloud-based EdTech software solution.

Whether you are new to EdTech or you are just looking for more info about smart school management systems, this article is the best place to start! Read on to find out what this cutting-edge technology is and how your school could possibly benefit from it.

What’s the Meaning of a School Management System?

Also called the student information system (SIS), it’s a management information system for learning institutions used to manage student data. They connect educators, learners, guardians, and the school administration, in real-time.

The idea is to help schools conduct regular operations and administrative duties, among other activities efficiently. Nevertheless, we use the term school management systemcollectively to refer to all administrative work, which includes:

  • registering students in courses,
  • documenting grading,
  • forming student schedules,
  • tracking both student and staff attendance,
  • transcripts of academic achievement and co-curricular activities,
  • generating reports and managing any other student-related data needs.

What Are the Benefits of School Management Software?

Some of the heavy manual tasks that the EdTech software solution is taking off your shoulders include:

  • student data collection and management
  • staff and student attendance management
  • timetable management
  • fee collection

These along with many other school management-related chores require a great deal of time, energy, and resources to undertake and complete manually. But thanks to the school management technology solution, such daunting tasks are now simpler to undertake.

Let’s now look at some ways your school could benefit from a cloud-based learning management system, like SchoolTry, for example.

01. Students and academics

School management programs help you streamline the process of managing student data. You can track class programs and attendance at the convenience provided by education technology solutions.

02. Payments and registration

The school management system helps simplify the process of dues collection for all school-related activities and events, making the work for both organizers and participants easy. Online registration (or payment processing) makes it easier for students and parents alike to complete their required tasks on time.

03. Best student-teacher collaboration

Integrated school management systems, such as SchoolTry, for example, can lead to student-teacher collaboration beyond the classroom. It increases the interaction between them. The interaction takes place online, where teachers are available to answer various questions from students.

04. Better school-parent communication

A school management system makes sending out announcements easy and very organized. The school can communicate with parents more effectively. Likewise, parents can also opt in or out of communications. And they can also contact the school anytime they have questions or concerns.

Additionally, as a school director, to ensure smooth operation in your school, you need to oversee many moving parts and track different kinds of data. And that’s something that takes a great deal of time and effort. 

What Else Can School Management Software Help You With?

The advantages (or benefits) of school management software can extend way beyond basic (or usual) school operations.

It can extend into the summer when learners are out of the classroom. You can consider using digital after-school management software to help you run after-school activities, including sports, library management, clubs, or even camps.

Some Important School Management System Features to Consider

When looking for school management software, look for those with comprehensive features. Consider your school’s activities and priorities to make an informed decision on which EdTech software solution you should get for your school.

Here are some important features of a school management software solution to look out for:

Key features of a school management system

01. Online attendance tracking

We all know how important it is to have accurate and detailed student attendance information. It’s crucial to ensure their involvement and safety at school. With an automated attendance tracker, you can make this process very easy and more accurate than you can when doing it manually.

02. Fees and dues processing

This feature helps you save time and resources when collecting fees and pending dues. You can implement online payment options to give parents the flexibility and convenience of making payments through preferred and secure payment methods.

03. Communication management

An effective way of communicating between school faculty members, students, and parents, is essential to an effective school management system. This feature helps you create text and email lists so you can keep everyone updated online.

04. Reporting statistics and tools

Just as planning and carrying out different operations are important, reporting is also just as important. Therefore, when looking for school management software, look for ones with this feature so you can get insights on how to improve your administrative processes.


One of the best things we have noted about school management systems (or software) is their efficiency. By putting all school-related work on one platform, you can manage time effectively and optimize administrative efforts and productivity.

School management technology is important because it helps streamline school operations with its powerful features. With an effective EdTech software solution, your school can build a collection of valuable info, such as student data, parents’ financial details, and more.

If you are still looking for an integrated school management solution that fits your school’s operations, consider requesting a free demo of our EdTech system to see how it works. Register here and request your free 30-day trial.

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