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5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lockdown

5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lockdown. The novel corona virus has opened a new phase to the way education has been viewed by many.

Lessons that we have learnt from the effect of the pandemic is going to linger for a while.

Out of all schools and academic sectors that have been forced into closure, other schools might not be able to catch up with the pace of resumption. but how can you as a school , parent, teacher and student progress unaffected ?


  1. Invest in virtual resources–  We all have learnt our lessons from the effect of the pandemic. Physical schooling is abominable.  now the use of \ , google classrooms and skype became the venue for school exams and social getherings. 5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lockdown. as we have previously discussed on the importance of can not be achieved if schools aren’t going to invest into virtual resources.

  2. Revise the curriculum– The minds of your students have been very idle for about 4-5 months and your teachers might to revisit what the students knows before progressing from when they left off. the process of getting a curriculum revision is to access the knowledge of the students and find out leaks and balances.Class
  3. Adopt Educational Technology– The familiarity that has been created in the minds of the students is now digital. students were compelled to learn from their house and might need an upgrade in the way they learn. Educational technology automates the regular paper works including assessments, attendance, result release, online library facilities, virtual classes, school fees payment and lots more.
  4. Measure Abilities– Understanding that students are more familiar with computer learning than each other will help the school to balance up the slanted scale between students. aptitude test that measures social, emotional and intelligence quota is often a light means to get the result faster.
  5. Keep parents updated– if your school doesn’t have an history of communicating with parents, it’s time to make that call. Parents make the payment and are also the users of all the virtual features that the school has to offer the students.

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