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SchoolTry and NAPPS sign historic agreement on digitalization of education delivery in Nigeria

SchoolTry (HQ, Stockholm, Sweden), an innovative EdTech solution provider, and the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), the umbrella organisation representing over 40,000 private schools in Nigeria, have reached a historic agreement to accelerate the digital transformation of the Nigerian education sector. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) which was signed by the two parties on 19th August 2020 encapsulates the shared goal of supporting Nigerian schools to boost their efficiency, attract more students, better engage with stakeholders and improve educational outcomes.


Since the dawn of the 21st century, policymakers, schools and other education sector stakeholders have sought for ways to ensure that Nigerian schools are not left behind their global counterparts in the digital age. Schools have nevertheless been operating under difficult conditions with challenges ranging from inefficient paper-based processes, poor information and administration systems as well as costly fragmented digital solutions. In its quest to address these challenges, the current leadership of NAPPS has engaged SchoolTry to provide a unique integrated mobile and web platform for schools to connect in realtime with teachers, students, parents and all stakeholders. This platform, through its myriad of value-adding features, will enable schools to operate more efficiently and to boldly join their international counterparts to thrive in the globalized digital world. The features include: mobile accessible assignments, assessments, real-time performance reporting, e-library, e-learning, document management, school fees payment, real-time attendance reporting, and event management, among others.


In line with the terms of this MoU, SchoolTry has agreed to on-board the 40,000 members of NAPPS for free onto its synchronized platform from now through 2021; to empower schools to deliver qualitative education digitally regardless of challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative will provide useful data for NAPPS, the Nigerian government and other stakeholders on school enrolment, performance and activities. It will also enrich the digital value chain in the Nigerian education sector, deepen digital penetration across the country and expand schools’ digital footprint to generate more income and connect with opportunities and resources available internationally.


Through this agreement, SchoolTry is underscoring its commitment to lead the digitalization of education delivery in Nigeria. We are pleased by the enthusiasm for our solutions within the Nigerian market and look forward to supporting other African countries to actualize similar objectives.



3 thoughts on “SchoolTry and NAPPS sign historic agreement on digitalization of education delivery in Nigeria”

  1. One of the best SMS solutions I have seen in Nigeria. Well done SchoolTry and well done Chief Yomi Otubela for this land mark negotiation for your schools.

  2. This is great for Nigeria children. I hope every school will get the opportunity to be part of the digitalization. Thank you for all your efforts. Thank you to all the pethat made it possible also ED TECHYECH in Sweden.

  3. For I am glad seeing this kind of agreement coming through, it denote that private schools in Nigeria ends is not only to generate money but also to improve the welfarism of the students through making learning more accessible in every situations. Good one indeed.

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