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Relevance of Group Work in Learning

Relevance of Group Work in Learning; One of the major relevance of two or more students working together while learning is confidentiality and every student or group member’s ability to learn to trust the other person or student to deliver or carry out their duties as at when due. The classroom environment or type of atmosphere that’s been created by the teachers for every student that’s learning or working together must be a healthy and productive one such that every student can easily communicate their progress as well as their opinions without the fear of been judged or ridiculed. This will pave way for a healthy learning environment where students will feel comfortable enough to work in groups.

Group work is simply defined as more than one person working together to complete a task or assignment. In the classroom, group work can take many forms; however, the goal remains the same—to get students to interact with each other and collaborate to complete a unified task. By doing so, we are getting students to work with people they may never have chosen to work with. This concept teaches diversity, communication, and compromise.

Relevance of group work in learning ;

1. It saves time:
Group work gives students the ability to delegate different work to different students in the group which allows them to get the work done faster and in a more productive way thereby saving a lot of time.

2. It improves students interpersonal relationships:
Learning in groups do not only help students to gain more knowledge it also helps them to learn how to relate well with others
Working together in a group allows students to learn to cultivate a very healthy interpersonal relationship with other students which will also increase the quality of their education.

3. It allows them to be better team members:
A student that is saddled with the responsibility of working together in a group with their peers tend to work hard to live up the expectations that’s required of them. Since they would not want to put their team down this pushes them to work hard and become a
better team member.

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Author: Semira Ayeni.

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