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Solutions to failure among students

Failure hinders the success of students. However, it is important to find solutions and help students pass excellently for a brighter future. Hence, this article discusses ‘Solutions to failure among students’.

Before we proceed,


What is Failure?

Failure is the opposite of success and refers to the concept of not achieving a desired or intended goal. The criteria for failure varies depending on the situation and can be specific to a given observer or set of beliefs. In the educational system, failure occurs when a student doesn’t score above the required pass mark(50). In some schools, the pass mark is 70 and student that score below 70 have failed.


Solutions to failure among students.

01. Analyze:

When a student fails, it is important to analyze the cause and understand how it went wrong. Although, failure can be a stepping stone for success, analyzing it will improve the performance of the student in school. For example, if a child who has always topped the class fails the last examination, the teachers take steps towards analyzing the examination papers. It will help students better in the future and solve failure amng students.


02. Encouragement:

Although, failure isn’t encouraged and might weigh a student down and affect his self. Encouraging the student would be a better solution when the student fails. If a student fails and nothing is done, it breaks the student and might affect him/her in other examinations. Encouragement will boost the confidence of the student and  he/she will try as much as possible to pass in other exams.


03. Study:

Studying hard always pays off. If a student studies hard and puts all he/she has in place to beat failure, it will surely be overcome. With will, strength and resilience, studying effortlessly will equal good results and the student can pass excellently as he will always do.


04. Support:

The support of teachers, colleagues , family and friends will help a student that failed overcome failure. If everybody surrounding him/her, supports the students and advises him/her on ways to overcome failure, the student will surely succeed. Failure is nobody’s name and it won’t stick with someone forever. Hence, with the right support, the student can overcome it.


05. Reflect:

Reflection simply means thinking over an activity that occurred in the past. If a student fails and reflects on it positively, it will surely help the student aim higher. The reflection process captures not only the activity but also why and how it went wrong.



Failure indeed is bad but if adequate solutions are taken after, it will surely boost the student’s academic performance. Hence, if a student fails in any school or learning environment, the teachers and administrators must reflect on how he/she did and help the students with it in the next examination to avoid it.

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