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Benefits of SchoolTry for K12

Benefits of SchoolTry for K12. The concept of K-12 education emerges from the need for a consistent educational structure. Although the structure would ensure students’ progression from early childhood to high school graduation. Before the adoption of this system, education in many countries lack  a cohesive structure and varies significantly across regions.

However In the United States, the shift towards a K-12 education system started in the early 20th century. In addition,The National Education Association (NEA) plays a pivotal role in advocating for the standardization of education. However this helps in establishing a universal framework. Moreover, By the mid-20th century, most states had implemented K-12 as the primary educational model.

What is K12?

K12 refers to the education system that spans from kindergarten (K) to 12th grade. Moreover, It includes the years of schooling from a child’s early education in kindergarten through primary and secondary school. Although it ends with high school graduation in the 12th grade or senior year.

What are the benefits of SchoolTry for K12?

  • The fees and finance feature: It automates the collection and processing of fees. However it ensures that all payments are received on time and accurately.
  • The HR feature:It helps to streamline the recruitment, on boarding, and payroll processes. It also helps in freeing up time for administrators to focus on other tasks.
  • Class management: It  helps teachers to keep students on task and engaged in learning. However this can lead to improved academic performance.
  • Attendance tracking:It is a critical solution, as it helps to ensure that students are attending class regularly and that they are not falling behind.
  • Accommodation management:It streamlines the process of allocating rooms to students, tracking room availability, and managing room fees
  • Communication management:It ensures that all stakeholders in the school community are kept informed of important information, such as school news, events, and academic updates.
  • User management:It  allows schools to create, manage, and track users, such as students, teachers, and staff. This helps to ensure that only authorized users have access to the system and that their data is secure.
  • Assignment management:It  helps teachers to easily create, assign, and track assignments, ensuring that all students are on track to complete their work on time.
  • Virtual classrooms:It  makes it easy for teachers to deliver engaging and interactive lessons to students, regardless of their location.
  • Computer-based testing: (CBT) is a secure and efficient solution for administering tests, and it can help to reduce cheating and improve test security.
  • SMS:It  can be used to send important notifications to students, parents, and teachers, such as school closures, changes to the schedule, or reminders about upcoming events.
  • Admission feature: It makes it easy for schools to manage the application process, from accepting applications to sending out acceptance letters.

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