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How Parenting Affects Students Academics

How parenting affects student’s academics can be in several ways. Parenting is the act of caring for or raising a child which could be poor or excellent ways. Parents raise children in different ways which tells on their academic performance.

In this article, before explaining how poor parenting affects children’s academics. let’s understand What is parenting? Parenting is the act of raising and caring for a child. However, It is the way a parent provides love, support, and guides that matches the emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and educational needs. Moreover parenting sounds easy but it requires full concentration of the parent to the child to understand the child thoroughly and help the child whenever in need. In a wider sense,

What is Parenting?

Parenting, the process of raising children and providing them with protection and care in order to ensure their healthy development into adulthood.

The long-standing assumption that parents assert a direct and powerful influence on their children through the process of socialization. The research and theory on human development as well as most cultural belief systems. If children turn out well, it is to the parents’ credit; if they turn out badly, it is the parents’ fault.

This assumption has been challenged by researchers who highlight the role of biological influences on children’s development. Behavioral genetic studies, for example, show that some children are more like their biological parents. However some adoptive parents has similar basic characteristics such as personality, intelligence, and mental health. Additionally, some scholars have criticized the emphasis on parenting by asserting that other factors. This includes  peer relationships, exert a strong influence on development.

What is Academics?

Academics simply means education and learning. It includes subjects like mathematics, sciences, and other relevant subjects in the life of a child. It is all about formal education that helps gain knowledge.

How Poor Parenting Affects Student’s Performance;

01. Lack of Support:

One of the importance of parenting is to provide support for everything a child needs for their education. In cases where proper support is not given to the child. However necessary needs might not be met which could affect the child’s educational structure.

02. Inconsistent Discipline:

While parenting, it is important to consistently to be there for the child aside from providing shelter, food, and others. Although It’s important to know what the child is doing at all times and if the child is doing them at the appropriate time which is why inconsistent discipline can lower the child’s morale towards other needs. Moreover, If there is nobody to tell the child to read his books or lower his screen time it would affect his performance in school. This shows that discipline is very important

03. Limited Resources:

Financial provision for a child is no joke which is why couples need to have a stable source of income that is enough to raise a child before diving into it. Resources could be more than money. Time and skill are also a resource that if limited might not be enough for the child and affect his academics.

04. Emotional Impact:

Emotions play an important role in bonding the parent with the child and if proper plans aren’t made for the emotions to flow, it could affect the child academically. However in a case where the child can not see the parent for a long time. This can be bad for the child and will have a negative effect on him.


How parenting affects student’s academics is a very crucial topic in education. Students who has enough parental attention tend to do well in school. However, if the parents or teachers are not paying enough attention to the child then the child may not do well in school due to lack of proper monitoring.

Some parents are concerned about the future of their children although some may just need an avenue to give them the best. Moreover, platforms like SchoolTry will help to make their academics easier. click on this link to sign up for free.