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Benefits of SchoolTry Tertiary for Students

It should be noted that SchoolTry is not only limited to children of middle school age. However, It also extends to that of those in higher and Tertiary Institutions. The Benefits of SchoolTry Tertiary for Students can be seen in several ways.

 Here are some of the benefits of using SchoolTry Tertiary for Students;

01.Online Payment :

Online payment allows you to pay money via the internet through the SchoolTry app. Online payments can be done at the discretion of consumers. You can pay online to e-commerce stores to buy clothing or other items, subscriptions, mobile, DTH recharges, etc. Also, Online payment systems make it easy for students to pay for tuition and fees, without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

02. Online Assessment and Assignments:

Online assessment and assignments makes it easy for teachers to create, grade, and track student assessments and assignments.

03. Course Registration:

SchoolTry Tertiary Provides a well-designed course registration system to streamline the process and improve efficiency. You can easily log in to your dashboard from your preferred device and register your course at any given point in time.

04. Global collaboration 

SchoolTry can aid global collaboration in several ways. SchoolTry can also enable real-time communication between people in different parts of the world through tools such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing. This can help to break down communication barriers and facilitate collaboration on any project.

05. Academic transcript process

SchoolTry  automates many of the manual tasks involved in the transcript process, such as data entry, verification, and mailing. This can save time and resources for both schools and students. It also provides a secure way to store and transmit transcript data. This can also be especially helpful for students who are not able to visit the school in person.

06. Academic report checking

With SchoolTry Tertiary you can automate the process of your academic report checking. As a web solution, SchoolTry can automate many of the manual tasks involved in academic report checking, such as data entry, and results analysis. This can save time and resources for both teachers and students. This can also  help to ensure that all reports are properly checked and that students have access to their feedback.



The Implementation of a school management system in tertiary education offers a transformative approach to administration, teaching, and learning. By providing the students with a better administrative process. It also enhances communication channels, and provides real-time access to educational resources. such systems significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Tertiary Education.

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