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Why Every Student Should be computer literate

We now live in a digital world, where everything is online, and related to a computer or internet. Have you ever wondered why every student should be computer literate. This is because you can’t get through your entire daily work without using a computer or something close to it. But before we start, we will first of all understand the meaning of computer literacy and what it means to be computer literate.

What is Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy can also refer to the comfort level someone has with using computer programs and applications. Another valuable component is understanding how computers work and operate. An individual’s level of computer literacy is measured on the scale of how skillful they are when it comes to using computers and other  tools to achieve a goal. Moreover, Computer literacy is different from computer programming. Computer programming which primarily focuses on the design and coding of computer programs.

However , it doesn’t focus on the familiarity and skills you need to use a computer. Various countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, has initiatives to improve national computer literacy rates.

Although, A person’s computer literacy can be tested through questionnaires, which test their ability to write and modify text. Also,  troubleshoot minor computer operating issues, and organize information on a computer.

However, To increase your computer literacy, students should distinguish which computer skills they want to improve. You should learn to be more purposeful and accurate in your use of these skills. By learning more about computer literacy, users can discover more computer functions that are worth using.

The use of computers in classroom settings, for the promotion of computer literacy, are primarily practical. Computers are essential in the modern-day workplace. The instruction of computer literacy in education is to provide students with employable skills.

However,Rapid changes in technology make it difficult to predict the next five years of computer literacy. Computer literacy projects have support in many countries because they conform to general political and economic principles of those countries. As well as the public and private organizations. The Internet offers great potential for the effective and widespread dissemination of knowledge.And also for the integration of technological advancements. It is the Improvements in computer literacy that facilitates it.

Who is computer Literate?

A person who has the knowledge and skills to use the computer effectively is computer literate.

If you call yourself a computer literate person, it means you can use the computer competently. It also means that you understand all the basics of using a computer and how it works.

Being a computer literate surely has its advantages and disadvantages but in this article, let’s look at the reasons why every student should be computer literate.

01. Productivity:

Computer literacy gives students an edge over others. Since it makes it easier to get more work done in less time. The proper use of computers and other computing devices gives students access to unlimited information. This  makes it easier for them to be more  productive.

02. Employment:

Being a computer literate person gives you the opportunity to work in various fields. It increases your chances of getting a good job after graduation. Most of the well paying jobs in the world today requires you as a student to be computer literate and tech savvy.

03. Creativity:

Using computers as a student makes it easier for you to be creative with your work. It gives every student an opportunity to think outside the box and go out of their comfort zone. With the use of computers,Students have access to the internet which allows them to work on their creative projects. Such projects includes graphics designing, writing, animation music, arts and other research and creative works. Computer literacy has now become a major part of our education and creative development process.


It is very important for everyone and not just students to be computer literate. We live in a fast paced world where computers and technology can help you get your work done easily. If you’re not very familiar with how technology works you can even start learning about it.

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