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How Students Could Benefit From Distance Learning

Learn how students could benefit from distance learning and why you should consider signing up for SchoolTry to help you streamline your school’s operations and learning processes.

How Can Students Benefit From Distance Learning?

Technology has taken over the world in such a way that shopping is no longer the only thing you can do online.

Today you can meet, work, or even learn from a distance, to say the least. And you can do all these things from the convenience of your smartphone and at the comfort of your home.

And talking of distance learning, this method of education may seem new to some people, but the idea isn’t that new. It just became more popular recently. And it’s all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and some truly amazing distance learning management solutions.

Read on to find out how students could benefit from distance learning, and why schools in Africa should embrace the new technology.

What is Distance Learning?

You have probably heard of it through one of the many ways people call it. But it all means the same thing, whether you want to call it distance learning, e-learning, or remote learning.

It refers to a method of education that takes place without teachers and learners meeting up physically. Think in the context of having zoom meetings and sending emails. But now there are advanced education management systems that are more convenient.

How Can Students Benefit From Distance Learning?

We’ll explore how students could benefit from distance learning in a hot second below.

If all this sounds new to you and you are now curious to find out how school management systems work, you can watch this demo of the SchoolTry app to get the idea.

You can also sign up for free or contact our customer success team to help you schedule a free demo account presentation at your own convenient time. That way, you’ll be able to see what your school have been missing.

You will see how much the chores are reduced, giving everyone at school plenty of free time to commit to other things.

3 Ways Students Can Benefit From Distance Learning

Just as promised, let’s now explore some ways students could benefit from distance learning:

#01 Students no longer need to worry about forgotten tasks

Once your school has digitized learning resources, students will no longer have to worry about forgotten assignments. This is because students will instantly have access to all learning materials they need whenever they need them.

Keeping track of courses and assignments is also quite easy. All you would need to do is look out for an sms notification on your phone about an upcoming test or assignment.

#02 They can complete assignments at their own pace

Giving students the opportunity to learn at their own schedule has proven to be very effective. There are students who feel more engaged with the learning process without the extra pressure from their teachers or classmates.

When learning from a distance, students have the advantage of revisiting the course materials as often as they want. They can quickly tackle and advance past the subjects they are already familiar with, and then deal with the hardest ones later on.

#03 They can stay healthy and keep others safe from an illness

If there’s anything the corona virus has taught us, that would be the importance of washing hands and wearing face masks as a way of protecting ourselves from the deadly disease.

As with remote learning, students who are not feeling well can call in sick but still manage to attend classes.

Not only are they going to be comfortable learning when they are not in good shape, but it also shows how much they value education and care about the well-being of others.

Why Schools Should Embrace Education Management Technology

This is no longer a thing for the schools in Europe alone. Many schools in Africa today have gone digital with all their management and learning processes. And many are still searching for the right school management solution.

This shows that Africa is already enjoying the advantages of using Edtech solutions to streamline school operations and learning processes. Our educators are now making lessons and assignments more interactive and fun for students.

Recent research also shows that many private school owners in Africa are now looking for ways of implementing the current technology and its many opportunities in their curriculum. But what about you? Is your school taking advantage of the new learning opportunities? 

As a new user, navigating through learning management programs can be challenging. Being able to create effective courses and tests may also seem twice as challenging. Luckily, we have a dedicated customer support team to train new users.

Wrapping Up

Many schools in Africa, including Kenya and Nigeria, have already switched to a digital learning system. In fact, they are already implementing what we call a hybrid learning curriculum.

If you are also a school owner who’s thinking of taking the step to better school management, you can try SchoolTry for free for up to 30 days. Be sure to check it out to see if it’s the right Edtech solution for your school.

Registration is also completely free, and so is the demo account presentation. So take advantage of this opportunity and explore this cutting-edge SaaS product for schools. Go here to sign up for free and request a demo.

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