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Tech and E-Learning Impact on Education;

Technology has transformed teaching and learning by, expanding the possibilities of what is available in the classroom. In the past classes were limited to lectures, discussions, and physical resources, but now they don’t have to be designed that way.

E- Learning known as electronic learning involves the delivery of education through digital media such as mobile devices or the web. It is a flexible and convenient way of learning that allows students to access learning materials and courses from anywhere and at any time. It has now become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is expected to continue to grow as technology advances. Teachers and students have experienced the impact of tech and e-learning on education, their teaching and learning styles.

Many educational institutions both secondary and tertiary have embraced the use of technology and the Internet to improve the quality of education. Here are some of the ways technology and e-learning have impacted.

Impact of tech and e-learning on education:

  • Cost-effective: E-learning apps such as SchoolTry have made education more affordable by eliminating the need for other traditional devices and expensive materials.
  • Interactive Learning: E-learning apps like the SchoolTry app help to make learning more interactive, fun and engaging. Features such as interactive tests, quizzes, and assignments make studying more fun.
  • Flexibility: E-learning apps give students the flexibility to learn and complete assignments at their own pace or schedule. The SchoolTry app for example gives students access to their assignments, tests and study materials whenever they want.
  • Access to education: Technology and e-learning apps have made education more accessible to students.


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Author: Oreoluwa Shona.



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