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Relevance of phygital learning in education;

Phygital’ or physical plus digital, is a combination of a physical circumstances. It can also be tangible objects and digital or online technology-driven experience.
This introduces a challenge on potential phygital learning environments.
In addition It may induce superior learning experiences for students as compared to experienced realized through either physical or digital experiences.
Furthermore, ‘Phygital learning’ is a novel design concept to induce a new dimension of learning experiences.
However students interact with the physical context as the digital information similarly enhances levels of competence.
Although the authors also illustrate a conceptual idea of phygital learning which transforms theory to practice.

Phygital learning is a concept of a smart learning ecosystem which balances digital
contents or online technology-driven experience together with physical or live- contexts.
Moreover, Phygital learning relies on advanced technologies to increase meaningful and effective interaction among students.
In addition with the instructor, data and environment.
However the potential of phygital learning will contribute a positive effect at all levels from global to the individual.
Although the digital contents should influence people to be more involved in physical contexts and not be isolated in the realm of virtual reality.

Furthermore Phygital learning is a disruptive innovation since its concept leverages and does not replace the potential of eLearning or blended learning.
Although an imperative in 21st century accelerates to the digitisation of everything’s arrival at the same time as an era of big data which is not big insights enough.
In addition the phenomenal of open educational resources, massive online open courseware or MOOC andeLearning courses have established an enormous online knowledge base but what people want are the answers or accurate information rendering specific to the learning objectives.

In this article, you will learn some of the relevance of phygital learning in education;

1. It saves time:
One of the most common relevance of technology to education is that it saves time.
Phygital learning gives students the opportunity to learn with digital devices that helps to get their work done within a short time frame.
However students who also have a close deadline can also save a lot of time with phygital learning.

2. It makes learning more flexible:
With Phygital learning students do not always have to be in the classroom. They can learn at flexible hours or at times that are most convenient for them.They are also not restricted to a particular course or textbook. Moreover they can choose to learn any course that interests them at any given time.

3. It promotes independent learning:
Phygital learning gives room for independent learning.
Moreover, Students do not always have to wait for their teachers or instructors before they can learn.
With Phygital learning students can try out new techniques and skills to see what works for them.
These allows them to learn their strengths and weaknesses.
It also allows them to become responsible and independent learners.

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