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Importance of vocational training in education;

Vocational education is education that prepares people to work as a technician.

It is to take up employment in a craft or trade as a tradesperson or artisan.

Vocational Education is that type of education given to an individual to prepare them to be responsible.

They can also create jobs for themselves and for others.

Vocational education has a variety of names, depending on the country concerned.

However it includes career and technical education.

Although it acronyms such as TVET (technical and vocational education and training).

In addition, TAFE (technical and further education is also an acronym for vocational education.

Historically, almost all vocational education take place in the classroom or on the job site.

In addition, students learn trade skills and trade theory from brilliant  instructors or professionals.

However, in recent years, online vocational education has grown in popularity.

Thus making learning various trade skills and soft skills from vast professionals easier than ever for students.

This includes those who may live far away from a traditional vocational school.

Furthermore, trends have the implementation of TVET and skills development worldwide.

From the late 1980s onwards.

Statistics shows that a number of governments began to emphasise on the role of education in preparing learners effectively for the world of work.

This school of thought, is the “new vocationalism”, that prioritizes   the skills needs of industry at the centre of discussions on the purpose of public education.

TVET and skills development were viewed as an important component in promoting economic growth in general and addressing youth unemployment.

General education systems had not been effective in developing the skills that many adolescents and adults needed to secure employment in industry.

The late 1980s and early 1990s saw the introduction and expansion of new vocational curricula and courses, often developed in collaboration with industry, and an increase in the variety of work-based learning routes on offer to young people.

Here are some of the importance of vocational training in education;

1. It is interesting:
Many students who wants to become productive enroll in vocational trainings.

This can be very fun and interesting if it is something they are passionate about.

Some learn fashion designing or plumbing.

Others learn vocations that appeal to them.

These can become very interesting when you meet other people who also share the same interests as you.

You enjoy learning and have more fun while learning.

2. It improves students career prospects:

Vocational training allows students to have options.

They do not have to stick to just one career path.

Learning different vocations allows students to be able to choose the career of their choice.

3. It is not expensive:

Unlike the proper educational settings, vocational trainings are not very expensive.

Students can learn without having to pay a huge sum of money for their trainings.

It also makes it easy for everyone to learn since it is very affordable.

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