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Importance of personalized learning;

The use of the term “personalized learning” dates back to at least the early 1960s.

However, there is no widespread agreement on the definition and components of a personal learning environment.

Even enthusiasts for the concept admit that personalized learning is an evolving term.
Because it doesn’t have any widely accepted definition.

In 2005, Dan Buckley defined two ends of the personalized learning spectrum.

“personalization for the learner”, in which the teacher tailors the learning.
“personalization by the learner”, in which the learner develops skills to tailor his own learning.

Although, this spectrum was adopted by the (2006) Microsoft’s Practical Guide to Envisioning and Transforming Education.

Personalized learning uses many elements of curriculum, and instructional design in classrooms for students. often times,they use software systems to manage and facilitate student-led instruction.

Furthermore, classroom learning activities must build upon students’ prior knowledge and teachers need to allocate time for practice.

Moreover, Advocates argue that teachers must continuously assess student learning.

The achievements of goals and student input into the assessment process is integral.


Here are some of the importance of personalized learning in education;

1. It helps students to learn new skills: Personalized learning gives students the ability to freely express themselves.

Also, The freedom of speech makes it easier for them to learn more.

In the process of learning they are able to ask questions.

These gives room for them to develop problem solving skills and communication skills.

2. It improves students confidence: Students see every opportunity as an Avenue to learn and grow.

Personalized learning allows students to work independently.

This helps them to build their confidence in themselves.

However, The fact that they do things on their own, will always motivate them to learn more.

This also helps to build their self esteem and confidence.

3. It makes learning fun:
Personalized learning allows students to explore their creativity.

In addition, It also gives them the opportunity to focus on subjects that interests them.

Often times, learning won’t be boring. In addition, they can make the best of their learning experience.

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