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Effects of Mastery Based Grading in Education

Effects of Mastery Based Grading in Education; The Mastery based grading system is a concept that allows students to learn a topic in the best way possible before moving to the next one. This allows the teacher to focus more on ensuring that the students properly understands what they are being taught rather than just learning to pass and get good letter grades.

This Mastery based grading is a teaching method that tries to get rid of this traditional but faulty approach to education. In it, the emphasis is not on pass or fail marks, but on achieving maximum mastery over atopic or a subject, in accordance with the student’s capacity.

Mastery-based learning is an instructional approach. In it, students need to show a deep and clear level of understanding of a topic before progressing further. For example, the traditional approach to learning mathematical concepts rests on being able to calculate problems correctly. But under mastery based grading, students will have to logically explain why they chose a particular method, and how they used it to arrive at the answer.

Here are some of the positive effects of mastery based grading in education;

1. It is more accurate:
Instead of using the traditional way of Grading students with high marks and percentage based on what they might have memorized just to pass a test or exam, mastery based grading allows both the teachers and students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can have a more rewarding learning experience.

2. It promotes independent learning:
Most Students who learn online or remotely are able to choose what course they would like to learn and see how well they have learnt and mastered the course rather than the traditional grading system that focuses on teaching to give students test and then immediately grade them.

3. It increases students awareness:
The mastery grading system serves as a substitute for the letter grades and number scores that is used in most schools report cards, this form of grading allows the students to be able to learn on their own pace and are able to reflect and improve on their weaknesses by becoming more self aware of what their lapses are and how they can improve and work on it.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

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