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The Importance of Internet in Daily Life

Importance of Internet in Daily Life; There are so many positive and negative effects of internet in our daily life depending on how you use it.

The term internet, spelled with a lower case “i,” has always meant a large network made up of smaller networks. Today, the term mostly refers to the global Internet, properly spelled with an upper case “I” but increasingly written as lower case. The global Internet comprises a billion Web, email and related servers in more than 100 countries. Originally developed for the U.S. military, it became widely used for academic and commercial research with access to unpublished data and journals on many subjects. As of 2019, more than three billion people use the Internet, and it has become indispensable to the world economy.Not only is the “Net” the largest source of information on every subject known to humankind, it is also the greatest source of misinformation (unintentional) and disinformation (intentional falsehoods). The highest volume on the Internet is video traffic followed by everything else, including websites and Web apps, email, voice, chat, backup, app updating and machine-to-machine.

There are numerous benefits of the internet in our daily lives. In this article, you will learn some of the importance of the internet in daily life;

1. It saves time:
It is evident that most of our daily activities would be difficult and time consuming without the use of the internet, from shopping online to money transfer which could take hours can all be done within a few minutes through the use of the internet.

2. It is useful for research and personal development:

Any information you need for any form of research or self development can be found on the internet which makes it easier for everyone to learn online and also become a better person.

3. It makes remote work easier:
Freelancers and business owners are able to network and communicate with each other conveniently through the use of the internet since they do not have to meet physically before they can all get their work done online.

4. It helps to find answers to questions:
Most internet users find answers to their questions on google which helps to make their work easier, some users even write answers on Quora and other internet spaces where they can be of help to people who might urgently need answers to any questions they might have.
You can always trust the internet to help you find the answers to every question.

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Author: Semira Ayeni

1 thought on “The Importance of Internet in Daily Life”

  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how it is evident that most of our daily activities would be difficult and time consuming without the use of the internet. My wife and I recently moved to a new house and I just realized that this means that we do not have an internet connection in it yet. I won’t be able to do my work without an internet connection, so I should definitely contact our local internet service provider immediately.

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