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Importance of Mobile Learning in Distant Education

Importance of Mobile Learning in Distant Education: Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is defined as the need and ability to learn through virtual media, such as personal electronic gadgets, social interactions, and content.

Devices that can be used for mLearning include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital notebooks. It focuses on the learners’ freedom of movement and their interaction with technology. In this case, simplifying learning by using mobile tools is what constitutes this informal learning setup.

What is mobile learning?
Here are some of the benefits of mobile learning in distant education;

1. It saves time and energy:
Mobile learning gives students that are learning from a distant location access to all their learning materials online without having to go through any stress or pressure this in turn gives them the liberty to get their work done within the shortest possible time.

2. It is cost effective:
Mobile learning saves cost for a lot of things like textbooks and stationeries like pen, paper etc, it also saves cost on traveling expenses since students can do all their work virtually without leaving their present location.

3. It encourages students to be computer literate:
Mobile learning gives students the opportunity to learn more about using their phones to get their work done by using different skills and online applications available for learning.

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Topic: Importance of Mobile Learning in Distant Education

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