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How to grow your school by leveraging on technology

How to grow your school by leveraging on technology: If you’re a small or growing school and looking to turn your school into a smart school directly on Facebook and through the Facebook app, you’ll want to start by creating a Facebook shop. It’s a must-have if you want to advertise on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Business Page.
Your school may already have a Facebook page, but if not, you will have to create one (click here).

You do not need to create an entirely separate Facebook account, as your school page will be managed separately from your personal page and won’t have visibility tied to it (unless you choose to post from your store onto your personal page).

In order to use Facebook Store and Marketplace integrations, your school page must adhere to Facebook’s policies and the terms outlined in the Facebook Agreement.

To create your Facebook business page, log in to Facebook, select the Menu button (top right corner), then select Page from the Create menu:

From there, you’ll be able to add your cover photo, profile photo, and information about your school. Remember that filling out the information about your school in detail will make you look more professional to your customers, so make sure you don’t leave anything out.

2. Sign up to your SchoolTry‘s school management Portal.
Integrating your Facebook business page and website, if any with your learning management system will allow you to sync data from your school portal and manage fees, inventory, teachers, students, parents, and other school data directly from within the School management portal.

If you don’t have a school portal, you’ll want to start your free trial before proceeding by reaching Isaac Idowu or Feyisayo Ajayi .
To manage your school on SchoolTry so your school becomes a smart school, click here to signup on SchoolTry.

3. Verify your domain.
Verifying your domain helps confirm your details and customize for you a school portal with a well encrypted security socket layer that verifies that you’re the legitimate owner of the learning management system, so you’ll be syncing with your page, website, among others.
Verifying helps to show that you’re using your own domain/website and can help get your school’s growth and digital signature approval faster.

4. Schedule an appointment for School portal staff training with Isaac Idowu or Feyisayo Ajayi.
After setting up and syncing your school data on SchoolTry once you have received a validation message from SchoolTry, they will begin adding your staff, parents and students systematically to the school portal. This process can take lesser or up to 48 hours depending on the size of your school in terms of students, during which they will dedicate some support staff to your school as you become a serious customer with good level of crave for the growth of your school, taking and managing school fee payment, producing of report cards and other school management products/features. How to grow your school by leveraging on technology.

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Author: Feyisayo Ajayi

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