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SchoolTry Partnership with Fidelity Bank

SchoolTry Partnership with Fidelity Bank

The partnership will increase Scaling For School Management in Africa.

SchoolTry, Africa’s leading Educational technology company has announced a partnership with Fidelity Bank, the dedicated financial institution platform to further support the increase of the adoption of education technology for schools in Nigeria and across Africa.

The partnership enables the fostering of millions of schools who are currently operating below the desirable level of School management to adopt educational technology and scale up faster.

COVID-19 has initiated a widespread shift of School management to the adoption of digital solutions. As the streak takes an increasing effect, this partnership maximally responds to the growing dominance of easy and contactless measures for school management across Nigeria and Africa.

SchoolTry Partners with Fidelity Bank to increase Scaling For School Management in Africa.

The result of the partnership will increase productivity for schools, better student – teacher collaboration, online access from anywhere in the world, reduction in cost of communication and  a reduced workload for teachers and all stakeholders.

SchoolTry aims to transform the educational system in Africa to better the lives of millions of teachers, parents and students. The partnership with fidelity bank will further implement this aim and ensure all schools, parents, teachers and students have access to an integrated educational technology solution.

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